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Miho Hagoromo Matsu Festival
October 7th
Shizuoka City, Shizuoka

Health-Sports Day
October 9th

Nagoya Festival
October 21st-22nd
Nagoya, Aichi

Numazu Kanogawa Marathon
October 22nd
Numazu, Shizuoka

Halloween Parade in Mishima 2017
October 22nd
Mishima, Shizuoka

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APP CURATOR by Charissa Y.

5 Free Favorite Apps for 5 Different Purposes

We all have our preferences when it comes to populating our smartphones with various apps to suit our individual tastes. That said, I find myself opening these 5 apps almost every day.


good for:

+ Staying up to date

+ Morning train rides

Customizable with different tabs, you can read about everything from pop culture to world news. I find it a nice way to start my morning by seeing what’s going on in the world. It’s also great for finding conversation topics. This is probably my top pick among the 5.



Day One

good for:

+ #100happydays

+ Keeping a photo log

Traditionally I write my schedule into my physical day planner, so I figured it’d be nice to keep a running log of some daily highlights. The problem: lack of blank space. Porting over to a digital format allows me to keep a record with photos and GPS information. It helps that this app sends me a reminder if I haven’t logged for the day.


Clash Royale

good for:

+ Strategy training

+ Stress relief

If you play Clash of Clans, you’ll be familiar with the characters. Each game runs for 3 minutes, with overtime a whopping 1 minute. That means, it’s a low commitment game, and excellent when taking a short break. In addition, you can join a ‘clan’, which fosters camaraderie and serves as a resource for strategizing. Even though there are pay-to-play aspects, those on the free track can enjoy the game just as well.



good for:

+ Switching between imperial and metric

+ Getting recipes just right

I use this all the time when I’m baking. It’s a life saver when it comes to following Japanese recipes that are in metric units. This tool has also come in handy for figuring out weights, currency, and distances. It’s a simple app that has helped me out numerous times.


Google Translate

good for:

+ Practicing your Japanese

+ Figuring out how to read the menu

If you haven’t used this app in a while, I’ll be surprised. If I ever need to write an email in Japanese, I’ll use this app as a main idea checker. Sure the grammar isn’t perfect, but it does the job of checking if my passages have some coherency to them. In addition, its photo translate and drawing functions have helped me tremendously when I want to order something and there isn’t a handy, dandy image to accompany the menu items.

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What started as a solo hike of the Numazu Alps ended up being a group of 8 people.

Mt. Kanuki(193m) Mt. Yoko(183m) Mt. Tokura(256m) Mt. Shige(214m)
Mt. Kowashizu(330m) Mt. Washizu(392m) Mt. Ohira(356m)

It was a lot of fun.
By Ryan S.

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