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Directly from the composer of the song “Kyonohi wa sayonara”, Shoichi Kaneko, this essay is an avant-garde depiction of music from its birth to today. The song is already the theme for several TV dramas and movies, and currently even featured on the internet. In the book, the author demonstrates a profound connection to people in their 20’s through people in their 80’s, and he is pleased to introduce it to the public. For more information, please contact by email or fax.


FAX: 055-993-5722


Customers who ordered Kyonohi Wa Sayonara will
receive a special gift of either a CD of Shoichi Kaneko,
or another present from FIA.
(Quantities are limited, so act now!)

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Poster Designed by Sammy Yamashita F.I.A.
“I’m lonely” T-Shirts
Songs written for Japanese School DVD Charlie Brown Song CD Alton Purnell CD


“Alton Purnell Solo Piano & Vocal”

Alton Purnell – A Living National Treasure of New Orleans In the 1970’s, FIA invited Purnell to Japan where he played classics such as “You’ve changed” and “As Time Goes By”. The “cool” and “timeless” performance was recorded and once distributed only to a handful of devoted collectors, but is now being released to the general public in support of the New Orleans hurricane relief effort. The CD is truly priceless, containing songs such as “Basin Street Blues” and “Bourbon Street Parade” which captures the essence of life and the culture of New Orleans. Al Capone and the stride piano are rivals as popular symbols of 1920’s America.

“Sipping wine, alone, while listening, the pleasure is unbearable “. Shoichi Kaneko