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On the Job Training

The goals of the OJT program are to provide general English as well as business English to our clients’ employees. An integral aspect of teaching these goals is to increase inter-cultural awareness and understanding. The concept behind OJT grew out of “coffee break English” where the focus is more on student-centered communication than on teacher-centered textbook teaching.

OJT takes place in private F.I.A. offices at our clients’ locations. As such, it is crucial that trainers be independent and professional. Each office is equipped with a variety of teaching materials such as textbooks, reference books, audio and visual equipment, and some offices have Internet connections.

OJT lessons themselves are 15 to 30 minutes long, and are one-to-one. Small “doses” of English on a daily basis enable our members to acquire English in manageable pieces. These short daily classes provide flexibility in our teaching programs as we can conveniently change lesson plans as needed. As well, short classes provide achievable targets, focus, and clarity.